Innovating A New Era of Foreign Construction Manpower Recruitment and Retention
The Foreign Construction Worker Directory System (FCWDS) is a new technology and solution which empower construction employers to hire existing skilled foreign workers.

FCWDS is highly accessible with user friendly search functions enabling employers to search for workers based on their individual needs. Some of the search functions include criteria such as their skill status, years of construction experience, trade skills certificate and many more.
Improving Productivity for Singapore's Construction Industry
FCWDS will improve Singapore’s overall construction industry workforces’ experience and standards by creating a sustainable re-employment process.

FCWDS lower the risks of skilled workers returning back to their home countries when there are shortages of work, and losing them to other competing countries. By retaining skilled workers through continuous re-employment, workers become increasingly more experienced and skilled, and this will result in an increasing productive industry.

FCWDS also reduces overall human resource costs of the industry, saving huge amount of money spent in repatriation, re-employment and re-training of workers.